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Application of Micro-Nano Machining Technology in Automotive Industry

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As the upgrade of the Internet of Things continues to deepen, the automobile manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of intelligence, and advanced manufacturing technology represented by micro-nano processing technology continues to promote application innovation in the automotive field.

Advanced Micro-Nano Processing Technology

Relying on precise processing equipment and precise control system, the micro-nano machining technology can realize the processing of aluminum, copper, Micro-nano surface treatment of various materials such as nickel and stainless steel to manufacture high-precision optical components. Among them, the free-form surface micro-nano machining can define the coordinate system of the part and the machine tool coordinate system through the multi-axis linkage characteristics of the slow-tool servo or fast-tool servo, and perform free-form surface or asymmetric complex surface machining, which further enhances the application value of the product and expands Its application range in cutting-edge fields such as vehicle.

With the development of the Internet of Things industry, intelligence and networking have become new breakthroughs sought by many automobile manufacturers. Micro-nano processing technology has shown great potential in it, and it has been applied to various degrees in various parts of automobiles.

01 Intelligent Cockpit

As an important part of the future intelligent cockpit, HUD system uses Micro-Nano processing technology to achieve system reliability, further improve the safety of driving, and also bring better immersive experience for the driver.

02 Autopilot

Today, autonomous driving has become a global hot spot. As the "eyes" of the autonomous driving system, the LiDAR sensor with the power of Micro-Nano processing technology can help the autonomous driving system accurately ranging and sense the surrounding environment.

03 Car Interior Decoration

Micro-Nano machining technology has both design freedom and high reliability, which meets the needs of high quality and high efficiency of automotive interior decoration, and is increasingly widely used in this field.

04 Automotive Lights

The appearance design and manufacture of automobile headlights are very demanding. Micro-Nano processing technology can help to complete various processes in the headlights, to ensure the beauty and high performance of the headlights.

05 Vehicle Fatigue Monitoring System

Micro-Nano machining vehicle fatigue monitoring system has high accuracy and clear imaging. It can infer the driver's fatigue state by using the driver's facial features, give alarm and take corresponding measures, so as to escort the driver's driving safety.

Technical difficulties in Micro-Nano machining of free surface

The Micro-Nano machining technology of free-form surface integrates the latest achievements of various contemporary disciplines to meet the needs of high precision and high reliability of surface of vehicle systems and core optical components. At the same time, the constraints in the processing process are more stringent, the processing technology is more difficult, and the processing process is more complex.

Stress and deformation, tooling design, tool wear and machining environment may affect the image quality of the optical surface during Micro-Nano machining of free-form surface. Especially in the processing of large parts, the workpiece will produce large stress because of a large number of cutting materials, which has a great impact on the accuracy of the workpiece, and the control of stress and deformation is particularly critical.

Through repeated debugging and test verification, Fran Optics has improved the Micro-Nano processing technology and optimized the design of flexible clamping, which not only improves the stress and deformation of the workpiece but also improves the surface accuracy, and has completed the mass production of high-precision and large-caliber ultra-thin free-form surface components.

As an enterprise focusing on the Micro-Nano surface treatment technology of free form surface, Fran Optics has upgraded the original mold forming technology to realize the application of free form surface processing technology. The maximum hand plate delivery size is up to 1000mm the precision of hand plate surface is up to 5μm, and the Micro-Nano processing technology leads the industry level.

Over the years, Fran Optics has developed more than 600 car product, from unmanned to smart cockpit, lighting from the car to the car interior, from individual components to the whole optical system. Fran optics free-form surface Micro-Nano machining technology permeates all aspects of key components manufacturing in vehicle field, meets the technical requirements of product size, shape and surface roughness, and brings new possibilities for precision machining in vehicle field.

Nowadays, Micro-Nano processing technology, as the key technical support of emerging fields, promotes the development of mechanical, electronic, optical, sensor and measurement technology and material science. In view of this, countries around the world regard it as an important symbol of measuring a country's scientific and technological level and comprehensive national strength and attach great importance to it.

Vigorously advancing key and core technologies and gradually bringing China's advanced manufacturing technology close to and up to the international advanced level is an important part of speeding up the building of a powerful country in science and technology and realizing self-reliance and self-improvement in high level science and technology. Fran Optics will continue to strengthen the research and development innovation of Micro-Nano processing technology, continue to transform the research and development results for the development of the enterprise, with optical innovation, to help build a better life mission to forge ahead.





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